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Why Join Our Network?

The CDRN is run by a voluntary steering group and emerged from a need we all identified to:

  • improve confidence on data and research related skills and expertise in the sector;
  • to share good practice and experience of interacting with data and research issues;
  • and to offer a network of peer support and collegiality.

We want to protect collegiality, support and practice and we want to be able to share these freely with colleagues in publicly-funded institutions, or sole traders and limited companies that need help to deliver data and research, as much of this work is going out of house post-COVID-19.

Membership Criteria

  • Members must work in a public facing institution within the arts, cultural and heritage sector; or
  • Those operating as a Sole Traders or Limited Company must have been doing so less than 2 years and have previously worked in a public facing institution within the arts, cultural and heritage sector.
A photograph of Algo-r(h)i(y)thms - an interactive installation by contemporary visual artist Tomàs Saraceno.
Photo © Alina Grubnyak, via Unsplash.

CDRN Membership grants you access to:

  • Quarterly online-based get togethers
  • Opportunity to attend the CDRN Conference
  • Access to previous CDRN Conference materials
  • Access to CDRN Slack channel
  • Access to CDRN LinkedIn Members’ Only Area
  • Networking space where you can connect to other data professionals
  • Forum to exchange experiences, best practice and debate current issues
  • Opportunity to form new collaborative partnerships
  • A space that operates independently of research or data agencies, database providers, or funding bodies.

Why not join us?