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28th Nov 2022 GDPR – What you need to know…

This blogpost was originally commissioned by Good CRM from Kate Fitzgerald Sharing data helps make life easier, more convenient and connected. Almost every transaction and interaction you have with an[…]

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23rd Aug 2022 Once more unto the data breach, dear friends

Data leak

‘Data breach’ are two words that no organisation ever wants to hear. However, every organisation is at risk of one. No one is completely immune, and so it is[…]

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22nd Jul 2022 Doing understanding differently: Rethinking our relationship with metrics – and the people behind the data

Illustration of a scientist wearing a white lab coat. They are raising their arms in the air as if asking a question.

This article was first commissioned and published by The Sociological Review “We are looking for the gold standard metric of social mobility.” This was one of the opening lines[…]

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20th May 2022 Network Reflections

bubble with reflections of tree line

This isn’t a blogpost to report on what we discussed in detail at May’s Members’ Meeting, but more of a moment to reflect on the positive realisation that the[…]

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1st Oct 2021 Data are cultural: what does that mean for understanding well-being?

This article was first commissioned and published by ArtsProfessional  For thousands of years, philosophers have asked: ‘What makes for the good society?’, or indeed ‘the good life?’ Susan Oman[…]

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